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Peter Wetzel

Prospective Clients

If you have a business problem, there's a good chance I can help solve it. I enjoy working on tough issues. Do you have an old system that no one knows how to maintain anymore? I can help reverse engineer it and determine whether it's best to migrate to different software or build something new to replace it. Need an extra hand on a large scale project? I've worked on teams large and small using a variety of technologies and processes over the years. Or perhaps you're looking for a simple web presence? I can quickly create a new static site that you can easily host anywhere.

My Background

I've been writing software in some form since I was around 7 or so years old, and (thankfully) I still enjoy it. I'm a full stack programmer and am equally comfortable creating new things from scratch, performing R&D, or enhancing existing systems. I was previously a technical lead in a corporate IT shop, so I have experience with systems integrations, working with a variety of groups (accounting, HR, marketing, etc.), and of course working on teams. I'm generally available for contract engagements.

Work space

Skill and Tech Notes/Preference

Everyone has an opinion, and I'm no exception! Thankfully for most things I'm pretty flexible and don't have many hard and fast rules.

PowerBI Reports

If you're looking to transition an existing reporting system or create new reports from scratch, I've been working with PowerBI of late for both professional and personal projects.

Front End vs Back End

I enjoy "full stack" development. This means I'm equally at home working on a web client front end with heavy CSS/javacript usage, as well as working on server APIs, console applications, and so on. I can focus on one aspect or help across the board, including overall architecture and database design.

Systems Integrations

I've worked on numerous integration projects, often involving small armies of consultants, in house staff, and the typical alphabet soup of enterprise applications (CRM, ERM, etc.).

Buy vs Build

I've been involved with a number of software selection projects, so I can help guide you to discovering whether it's worth the time and effort of creating a custom app vs. trying to use something off the shelf. Of course, as a programmer actually building out new systems from scratch is my preference, but I realize that's not always the best answer. It's important to understand your market and whether you'll have a competitive advantage one way or the other.

Office Location

I prefer working remotely, but on-site or travel are not out of the question (particularly in the NY area).


I'm experienced working solo and in teams. I can work with a PM on task status and schedule (or provide updates however we define them in the contract). I work well with designers and graphic artists, whether in person or by taking delivery of their Photoshop-based designs.

Misc Notes

  • I've built many apps from the ground up (large and small).
  • I've overhauled and rewritten a number of legacy apps.
  • I build custom tooling/utilities as needed.
  • I prefer the Windows environment, but not averse to OSX or Linux.

Recent Blog Posts

My Programming History

Early Years I still remember when our first computer arrived. It was the original IBM PC and when I saw the monitor I thought it was a new television. Everything was text-based and monochrome. It was awesome. Of course, as time marched on we’d get color ASCII graphics and eventually EGA, but I digress. My earliest memories with programming were trying to mimic BASIC code that my older brothers wrote for various games they created to amuse themselves.

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Migrating from Azure to Linux

Intro This is more of a historical reference than a how-to guide. Most of this work was done in January and February, although I’ve since revisited both projects on occasion since then. I’ll be covering two separate sites, Wetzdoku and WetzNet. The first was very light and the second was fairly complex (what I’d loosely call “medium”). Both sites were migrated for the same reasons: cost and flexibility. My LLC was graduating from BizSpark, so I’d no longer have the free Azure credits.

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Hugo Migration

Quick History The initial version of my portfolio here on WetzDev was an Angular 1.x web application. It was read-only with JSON files on the server; it was simply a proof-of-concept. After a little while I added a server component in Nancy that worked with DocumentDB on Azure. I re-used some image management logic I created for WetzNet. As I was already re-using code, I simply made the admin screens in Nancy and kept Angular as a readonly front end.

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